Author: Amit Jakhu

Hi, I'm Amit Jakhu, currently studying Graphic Design at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario. I have a strong passion for design and the ability to communicate ideas and stories visually inspires me to keep going every single day.

My first dip into design was when I was 13, just trying out Adobe Photoshop 7. I can still remember the first image I created in Photoshop, which was a Spider-man wallpaper filled with splattered brushes and a highly monochromatic colour. Ever since then, I always loved to work digitally and create work not just for me but for other people to use and enjoy and that is truly what design is. When you start building your ideas around your target market and creating a wonderful experience for the end-user, the design becomes a part of that user's life and routine.

A little bit more about me, I love to watch anime and television shows revolving around the idea of a hero and an antagonist. I find those types of stories have a lot of morals and inspiring aspects. I love to illustrate and create stories for people to read and enjoy but not only them, myself included. If I enjoy something I write or draw, I have faith someone else might enjoy it as well. Well, I hope you learned a lot about me from reading this and hopefully see my work differently.

To learn more about me visit my personal website.